2020 Speakers





Restful & Restorative Sleep the Natural Way using Plant-Medicine

Sandra Sova, host of the Chronic Wellness radio show on CHLY 101.7

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? You’re not alone, not getting enough sleep or not feeling well-rested is a condition that plagues many of us. Improving the quality of our sleep is something that can make a positive impact on overall wellness. Learn how to design a simple, customized nighttime routine for yourself that will set you up for success. Discover five different ways to use essential oils to support a more restful and restorative sleep. Find out which oils are best for sleep, it goes way beyond Lavender!!



Brain Health

Dr. John Yim, Naturopathic Physician, Vitacare Natural Health Clinic

Optimum brain function is vitally important in every stage of life whether you are a student trying to excel in your coursework, an entrepreneur running a thriving business, or a senior determined to improve memory and prevent depression or dementia.

In this entertaining and informative presentation, Dr. Yim will discuss the different factors that harm the brain such as poor nutrition, high blood sugar, inflammation, poor circulation, and gut health to name just a few things.

Drawing from almost 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Yim will share tips to improve memory, focus, cognition, moods, and energy. This talk is for anyone dealing with ADHD, depression/anxiety, traumatic brain injuries, memory problems, dementia, or a family history of Alzheimer's.




Cindy Walker, D-Stress FitnessTM INC

A wholistic approach to reducing body fatigue and brain fog - using simple, effective, easy to implement tools and techniques.



Quieting the Mind: Natural Brain-Changing Treatments for Anxiety, Trauma and Sleep

Tom Diamond, PhD, Brainigo Brain Fitness Center

Learn more about anxiety and brain health. Find out how trauma, stress and anxiety impact your brain, and what you can do to feel better.



Solving Digestive Disorders with Natural Medicine

Lisa Leger

A review of the naturopathic approach to digestive troubles like heartburn, gas, bloating, colitis, irritable and inflammatory bowel disorders. Learn how to deal with food reactions and sensitivities, and what natural remedies and strategies have to offer to help resolve these increasingly prevalent problems.