Saturday, March 16, 2019


10:15am: Belly Laughs Navel Academy

Elaine De Rooy

Dance for fun and fitness.

11:15am: Healthy Wisdom

Charlotte Crowley

Information on nutrition, heart & blood health.

12:15pm: Medical Cannabis

Pam Edgar

1:15pm: Brain Health

John Yim, ND

Nutrition and natural medicine for healthy brain after injury and prevention of memory loss associated with aging.

2:15pm: Emergency Preparedness for the Disabled and Visually Prepared

Sandra Hobson

Keynote Speaker: Dr. John Yim, Naturopathic Physician

Owner of Vitacare Natural Health Clinic

Optimum brain function is vitally important in every stage of life whether you are a student trying to excel in your coursework, an entrepreneur running a thriving business, or a senior determined to improve memory and prevent depression or dementia.

In this entertaining and informative presentation, Dr. Yim will discuss the different factors that harm the brain such as poor nutrition, high blood sugar, inflammation, poor circulation, and gut health to name just a few things.

Drawing from almost 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Yim will share tips to improve memory, focus, cognition, moods, and energy. This talk is for anyone dealing with ADHD, depression/anxiety, traumatic brain injuries, memory problems, dementia, or a family history of Alzheimer's.

Seating is limited and there are no reservations so come early to assure a seat.