Saturday, March 17, 2018


10:15am - 11am:  Getting the Most from your Medical Care

Dr. Drew Digney

Vancouver Island Health Association


11:15am - 12pm:  Mental Health and the Family

Sharon Welch, MA, CHRP, GCDF

Executive Director, Forward House Community Society

Every family is affected by mental illness or addiction. Join Forward House Executive Director, Sharon Welch, to learn how to help the person you care about who is going through a difficult time. Find out about services and supports for caregivers right here in the community. Learn some useful communication techniques and strategies to reduce escalation and support mental wellness in your family.


12:15pm - 1pm:  Acupressure for Headache Relief

Doreen Bakstad

Bodymind Therapist and Senior International Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® Instructor'

Headaches are a sign of imbalance in both body, mind and the energetic field.  Learn from this master teacher, some simple techniques and effective acupressure points for self-application (same points as acupuncture, but no needles). Your wellness in your fingertips!


1:15pm - 2pm:  Enhance Each Day with Energy Balancing

Permelia Parham, Vibrational Healing Emotion Code Certified Practitioner


2:15pm - 3pm:  The Health Benefits Service Dogs

Mike Annan, CIPDT, ACE BC, SI SSDI Executive Director and Barb Ashmead, BSc, MSC,  Vice Director of Administration - Funding and Sponsorship 

A look at the benefits of Service Dogs in human health and information about the Compassion Dogs program on Vancouver Island. Find out how a Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) Service Dog can be trained to help reduce PTSD symptoms like anxiety and stress, lower the risk of chronic conditions, and improve quality of life. Be inspired by stories of how Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs have helped Veterans on Vancouver Island lead healthier, more enjoyable lives.


3:15pm - 4pm:  Chronic Wellness: Strategies for your empowered, thriving life using essential oils.

Sandra Sova - doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Learn how to use essential oils safely to manage stress, promote better sleep, reduce feelings of anxiousness, manage pain, uplift mood and so much more. Sandra is a speaker, blogger and essential oil educator with an inspiring journey that has taken her from chronic illness to chronic wellness. Discover how to take control of your health and wellness with a focus on holistic self-care using essential oils.